Real Recovery Stories

When we loudly we keep others from dying quietly

"I found recovery through Wellbriety here in the Portland area." - Dorian Allen
"I finally bought into recovery and treatment and recognized that I could not do it alone - that I needed a recovery community" - Chuck Hemingway
"When we try to dictate what recovery means for another we cause great harm, possibly even death through exclusive practices that denies agency, resources, and opportunity." - Kiki Marshal
"If you're new please hang in there it's possible to get clean and stay clean so come on in and just stay." - Micki Bernards
"I started counseling and AA, immersing myself in the sobriety community. I spoke quietly sometimes, and occasionally said nothing at all while I listened to others stories." - Emily Canela
"Now through a whole lot of hard work, dedication, love of fellow recovering addicts, and a God who didn't give up on me I get to live a life I never thought possible." - Andy Micka
"Before I got clean, I was homeless and constantly in and out of jail. I had many failed attempts at getting clean by myself." - Courday Rose
"...alcohol has been a plague in my family for generations. One of my ancestors on my maternal side, having established one of the first taverns in the New World, was also one of the first to lose his liquor license." - Sharon Wood Wortman